Friday Round Up

I loved Smaggle’s recommendation for I Heart my Closet on Lustable. Most of the clothes on offer are 100% my thing, so I’ve got them bookmarked for the next time I need new additions to my wardrobe.

I really like the idea of having some general ‘rules for living your best life’. Sarah Wilson meets Tolstoy’s rules of life halfway.

Along the same lines, the Dame asks Who is your best self? I really enjoyed writing about who my best self is – and was pleased that with only a few changes, I’m not too far from becoming her.

I find any information on how to move/relocate your life overseas totally inspiring, regardless of the destination. I’ve done this a couple of times since graduating university (once to Japan, once to Melbourne). Here’s Gala Darling’s advice on how to move to New York.

This post on how to be a ‘morning goddess’ inspired me to really look at how I start my day – and also inspired me to get back into blogging.

Installing ‘speed bumps’ to television viewing with Little Eco Footprints.

I’ll be honest, I don’t necessarily agree with all the opinions in this article, but it was thought provoking:<a href=" Debunking ‘natural birth’ myths.

Finally, my friend Sandie has started this great group on Facebook, Show Us Your Cupcakes. Each week she posts instructions/recipes on a couple of different cupcakes, and members are encouraged to share pictures of their cupcake creations. You’re also welcome to share photos of other cakes you’ve made, and discuss general cupcake awesomeness!


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Things I Love Thursday

*Blueberries coated in chocolate

*The Oatmeal

*Bully smackdowns

*Cadbury Creme Eggs * Scrutinising my budget for possible savings

*The way my son giggles in his sleep

*Collingwood Children’s Farm

*Keeping your sense of humour in the face of adversity

*White peaches and nectarines

*New underwear

*Cool mornings and warm days


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Super foods

In the grand tradition of me gaining a ridiculous amount of weight every Christmas, this Christmas I gained a ridiculous amount of weight.

Oh yes.

To be honest the extra weight was largely a by product of Christmas 2009, when I put on a pretty epic 6kg in two weeks. Then I started working as an office drudge, and by January 1 this year, I’d put on a good 16kg or so from what I prefer my ‘resting weight’ to be. Ouch.

Since January I’ve been losing weight by having someone else cater for me. Namely Lite N Easy deliveries. This works well for the culinary-challenged like myself. Sadly it has absolutely thrashed my budget so I’m having to stop that program, and I’ve still got a solid 8 or so kilos to go before I’ll be happy.

It’s probably time I learned to cook and look after myself in a healthy fashion anyway.

So right now I’m researching super foods and healthy eating. I know the principles, sure: lots of vegies, avoid sugar, hand sized portions of protein for grown women, choose low GI etc etc.

But I’m also interested in concepts like raw eating, being flexitarian (I’ve never liked eating huge amounts of meat but can’t honestly say I’d stick to being a dedicated vegetarian).

Some of the things I’ll be adding to my shopping basket this week include:

*Honey: antioxidant, antibiotic, antiflammatory … let’s just say it’s anti bad stuff, pro good stuff. In fact it’s so full of good stuff I smear it directly onto my face every morning. **
*Sultanas: High in iron, calcium, vitamin-A, A-Beta Carotene and A-Carotenoid (in other words, great for the eyes!), and antioxidants.
*Chia seeds: contain omega-3, antioxidants, and they can apparently suppress hunger and assist with weight loss.
*Walnuts: good source of protein, high in fiber, B vitamins, magnesium, and antioxidants.
*Avocado: antioxidants, vitamin C, good fats, glutamin (to help the skin eradicate waste products), folic acid, and vitamin E (anti aging!),
*Goji berries: … these contain too many awesome things to get into right here. Let’s just say they’re pretty much everything else I’ve listed here, and then some. Like, good for menstrual cramping, have been used in treatment of cervical cancer, lower cholesterol … they’re pretty amazing.
*Red onion: chromium, good for bone health, anti inflammatory, lower blood pressure.
*Baby spinach: it’s spinach, and I think that’s pretty much self explanatory. I’ll be using it for salads and to make green smoothies.

**I use honey directly on my skin as a face wash every morning. I might also be known to combine it with avocado. And perhaps I even use this mix in my hair. With almond meal thrown in.

Image credit: Earth Star Studios

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Female Role Model Inspiration

The delightful Sarah Von from Yes and Yes linked to these posters by Amanda Visell late last year, and I found the posters so inspiring that I immediately saved them as my desk top.

Amanda Visell role models

Aren’t they wonderful? I love that the messages, while all promoting a rather Rosie Riveter message of “We can do it!”, are still so different. I see my sister as the maverick, and my dancer friend Lauren as wild. For myself, I identify with the message of having to save myself rather than expecting anyone else to do it for me.

You can find them here.

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New Starts and Introductions

I’ve given this blogging thing a whirl once previously, after I first stopped working in favour of staying home and getting some quality time with my son before he starts school.

Somehow, I ended up pigeon-holing myself as a mummy blogger. It did my head in, and after three months I deleted the whole thing.

And yet I’m still an enthusiatic reader of blogs of all sorts, and find myself once more wanting to give blogging a try.

But this time, rather than trying to find a particular ‘niche’, I’m going to go with my instincts and blog what I like, rather than trying to fit the mould.

I have an idea of what I’d like to be blogging, based on the sorts of blogs I gravitate towards, but I’ll give this a month or so to grow and see where it takes me.


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