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Boot Girls in Weimar Germany

Aren’t these boots just amazing? Made in the 20s by the French Maniatis Bottier, located near the Pigalle red-light distract in Paris, they’re actually the boots of a prostitute. Specifically, one of Weimar Berlin’s Boot Girls. You could determine the Boot Girl’s speciality by the colour and laces of her boots! In the case of scarlet boots, the prostitute’s speciality was forced feminisation and transvestite humiliation.

This is precisely the sort of trivia that absolutely delights and fascinates me! It might also have to do with my masters project (prostitution in medieval London). Your brain never fully shuts off from a project like that, and prostitution in a historical context will always interest me.

Other colour and lace codes included:

—Black boots: buttocks cropping (lying on bed).

—Brown boots: asphyxiation by boot or stockinged foot.

—Cobalt blue boots: forced feminization; penetration by female.

—Lacquered gold boots: bound feminization; physical torture.

—Poisonous green boots: psychological enslavement.

—Brick red boots: buttocks flagellation (tied to bed or cross).

—Scarlet boots: forced feminization; transvestite humiliation.

—Black laces: punishment with a short whip.

—Gold laces: defecation on chest.

—Maroon laces: verbal humiliation.

—White laces: collared like a dog.

—White ribbons on top of boots: a roleplay scenario in which the male customer begins as the dominant figure and ends as the submissive party.

Fascinating, no?

For more, see Cabinet Magazine.


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