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In the grand tradition of me gaining a ridiculous amount of weight every Christmas, this Christmas I gained a ridiculous amount of weight.

Oh yes.

To be honest the extra weight was largely a by product of Christmas 2009, when I put on a pretty epic 6kg in two weeks. Then I started working as an office drudge, and by January 1 this year, I’d put on a good 16kg or so from what I prefer my ‘resting weight’ to be. Ouch.

Since January I’ve been losing weight by having someone else cater for me. Namely Lite N Easy deliveries. This works well for the culinary-challenged like myself. Sadly it has absolutely thrashed my budget so I’m having to stop that program, and I’ve still got a solid 8 or so kilos to go before I’ll be happy.

It’s probably time I learned to cook and look after myself in a healthy fashion anyway.

So right now I’m researching super foods and healthy eating. I know the principles, sure: lots of vegies, avoid sugar, hand sized portions of protein for grown women, choose low GI etc etc.

But I’m also interested in concepts like raw eating, being flexitarian (I’ve never liked eating huge amounts of meat but can’t honestly say I’d stick to being a dedicated vegetarian).

Some of the things I’ll be adding to my shopping basket this week include:

*Honey: antioxidant, antibiotic, antiflammatory … let’s just say it’s anti bad stuff, pro good stuff. In fact it’s so full of good stuff I smear it directly onto my face every morning. **
*Sultanas: High in iron, calcium, vitamin-A, A-Beta Carotene and A-Carotenoid (in other words, great for the eyes!), and antioxidants.
*Chia seeds: contain omega-3, antioxidants, and they can apparently suppress hunger and assist with weight loss.
*Walnuts: good source of protein, high in fiber, B vitamins, magnesium, and antioxidants.
*Avocado: antioxidants, vitamin C, good fats, glutamin (to help the skin eradicate waste products), folic acid, and vitamin E (anti aging!),
*Goji berries: … these contain too many awesome things to get into right here. Let’s just say they’re pretty much everything else I’ve listed here, and then some. Like, good for menstrual cramping, have been used in treatment of cervical cancer, lower cholesterol … they’re pretty amazing.
*Red onion: chromium, good for bone health, anti inflammatory, lower blood pressure.
*Baby spinach: it’s spinach, and I think that’s pretty much self explanatory. I’ll be using it for salads and to make green smoothies.

**I use honey directly on my skin as a face wash every morning. I might also be known to combine it with avocado. And perhaps I even use this mix in my hair. With almond meal thrown in.

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