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Goals for the Week

Something I’ve noticed while trying to lose weight is that breaking things down to the smallest possible goals is SUPER helpful. I’ve got my overall goal, a few ‘mini goals’ about 6 weeks apart … and then my weekly goals.

I’ve really wanted to make the most of this last year of my son and I being home together every day, but sometimes it’s just hard to do it day by day. By the time we’re out of bed, had breakfast, showered and just generally woken up/sorted ourselves out, it can be 11am or so, and when you rely on public transport and you’re getting around with a four year old, that’s almost too late in the day to bother with anything.

So I’m going to extend my weekly weight loss goals to overall goals for the week.


This week …

  • I’m aiming to loseĀ  500g-1kg.
  • I’ll be having a cafe brunch with my son, preferably in a cafe we haven’t yet been to.
  • Not spending any money outside of my budget.
  • Taking my son to a library story time session.
  • Get a heap of stuff listed on ebay.
  • Write and submit an article to … whoever.

Start small, right?

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